Phantronics Prototyping Shield

Phantronics Prototyping Shield


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Product Description

Our prototyping shield for the Arduino Uno is designed to be an elegant yet simple to use prototype product for building onto the Arduino platform. This shield comes with stacking headers so you can build up as many shield layers as you wish. This shield is the exact same size as the Arduino Uno to give you the maximum area to work with, and to keep you in control we have added a reset button in the corner.

Inspiration behind the design

The design inspiration for this shield was to mimic the layout of a traditional solder less breadboard with connected rows and a central channel. This design has proven to be incredibly easy to build on. The white PCB has been chosen to reflect the blank canvas which this item gives you to allow you to create your own project.


This shield has been used with the Uno and Leonardo boards but due to the consistency of the layout this should be compatible with a variety of other smaller Arduino boards.


Width 0 mm
Depth 0 mm
Height 0 mm
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